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Multiscale modeling of reinforced concrete structures

A novel multiscale approach for analysis of reinforced concrete structural elements that overcomes two major hurdles in utilization of multiscale technologies in practice is developed. The two salient features are: (i) coupling between material and structural scales due to consideration of large representative volume elements (RVE), and (ii) low computational complexity of solving complex nonlinear multiscale problems. The former is accomplished using a variant of computational continua framework that accounts for sizable reinforced concrete RVEs by adjusting the location of quadrature points. The latter is accomplished by means of reduced order homogenization customized for structural elements. The multiscale approach has been verified against direct numerical simulations and validated against experimental results.

2D and 3D Unit Cells (RVEs)

Leonhardt shear beam(top) Deflection at a midspan (right) Cracking patter (middle)

Error in displacement vs RVE size

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